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The smart phone world has arrived and we all have smart phone. When I say “all” I mean most of us, specially younger generation people. Since smart phones are capable to manipulate multiple apps and are very interactive, there many cool apps out there to help with customizing certain aspects or looks of the phone. In this case i will talk about FLESKY APP.

FLESKY APP is a specialist on keyboard customizing. When it comes to iPhone, apple keeps updating their IOS which helps the users not getting tired of seeing the same look of the phone forever, but honestly it is not enough for people that are so expecting new things, new looks every day. This App (FLESKY) will give different colors choices for the phone’s keyboard. I has really cool emoji. There is 3 different keyboard sizes available. users can set Fleksy as a system-wide input option. Flesky is consider the fastest typing keyboard in the whole world which makes it worth of trying. I know that we are also used to getting apps for free but the price of this is not too bad $0.99 is not expensive for the things it offers.

I hope you like it and leave a comment about this app below. There is a picture to show one of the things this app gives. fleksy

WeChat App (Free)

While many apps out there allow users to share pictures, or some of them would let you share videos, a lot of them would let you text with your friends, and there are also some apps that give you the service of calling your friends or any one in your network. WeChat App actually combines all of the them in one single app, which makes you have the opportunity to share videos, pictures, text or even calls with anyone in your contacts for free. The only thing you will need to make this app work will be a WI-Fi confection.

The quality of the call is the same as you would be using any major phone carrier. The video while you doing the video conference is also very clear and neat. It is very important to know that it will work as real walkie-talkie with 40 contacts available and always on. There is no way you will miss a text or a call and with turning on your notification options you will be able to be notified for everything your friends are sharing with you.

In order for you to be able to use it all your friends also have to have in their smartphone, it is not only for iPhone. This app will work in every smart phone and with the use of a cellular data carrier or wi-fi connection. Easy to use, easy to download, easy to contact your friends.

There is also an option of downloading stickers so you can use them while testing or making comments on their pictures or friend’s videos. There is no reason not to use it or try it. Have your friends use it and you will be able to enjoy this app completely. Remember it is also conceder a private app so don’t need to worry about everyone being able to see what you post unless they are not in your list.

Best iphone apps 2014

You might be one of those who has the phone full of apps that do not even use. Your phone full of the popular apps like facebook, instragram, vine, youtube, snapshot, candy crush and so on… This is a situation that more than a million people everyday face. The phone starts freezing up, jumps to “home” while you are texting, the screen goes blank or worst than that getting the phone turn off while in the middle of a conversation. All these issues are happening for many reason; for example, too much text messages saved in the phone, too many pictures or videos, but most of the time is because there are too many apps that use your phone network or internet or some of those apps are connected to each other (Facebook, youtube) that makes your smart phone not so smart.

I am going to list your the best apps for you so you do not have to have 100 of them and not even use them. On this list you will find the app you really need and use daily.

Before choosing the app you want to get in your phone  you need to ask your self the simple question like: What do I use my phone with? What do I need to do everyday? When do I use my phone? and remember if you get tired of any specific app just deleted and find something new or a whole different one and try something else.

VSC0 CAM : This app allows your phone’s camera to be more clear and the images will come up professionally. You will be allowed to change the shooter speed, focus and edit before sharing in social media.

DARK SKY ($ 3.99). This app will allowed you to check the weather every minute and not like any other up that gives you a breakdown in every hour.

If you want to know about more cool apps just keep posted to my blog. I will talk about more apps in my next post.

Simple & Useful Apps

There millions of apps and millions of app users, only Apple store has over a million of apps and it seems like the app market is more and more difficult to make profit out of it. In the constant competition of coming up with the best app or with the right app to make a hit and make money, an app inventor has to try really hard to come up with an original and better idea than many more apps developers out there. It is very important to study what people need daily, what they don’t have yet, know the people who you are intending to sell your app.

Apps are very useful and they are a way to organize your stuff or your activities. Example, if you want to search for a certain product that you need to buy and instead of going to the web browser and getting to the Amazon website, you can easily have a Amazon app and search for the product more efficiently because most of the apps have categories or menus to help the user making it quicker to find the product you were looking for.

THE GHOST company is creating apps that are really worth of using in your every day activity,  for helping you, for being your personal assistant and to be your free employee. This company works everyday with real people’s activities and has people in many different fields to get the right need. They walk on the potential user shoes so they can get there with the right app that people will really use and have no difficulties using them.

Any product out there in the market that many people buy is because they need it and that is exactly the reason why an app has to be created thinking or studying what people are using it and need and your app will be app there for long time.

Ecuador Vs, Ecuador at Met Life Stadium 09/09/2014

Today the game Brazil vs Ecuador will be a game where brazilians will get super sad becuase Ecuador is going to win the game. I feel sorry for them but we have to win this time. Ecuadorians have had the feeling of winning Brazil before and enjoy it so much, therefore why not once more. Brazil is a huge soccer team but it can slip at any time the way they did in the last World Cup.